Warp deutsch

warp deutsch

Übersetzung für 'warp' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. Übersetzung im Kontext von „the warp“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context : the warp threads, the warp core, the warp yarns, the space warp, the warp. Übersetzung im Kontext von „a warp“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: a warp beam.

Warp 9 in the original series was the "Never Exceed" speed for the hulls and engines of Constitution- class starships, equivalent to the aircraft V NE V-speed.

In any instance, it was a result of the influence of alien beings or foreign technology. Later on, a prequel series titled Star Trek: Enterprise , set in and onwards, follows the voyages of the first human ship capable of traveling at warp factor 5.

In the series pilot episode " Broken Bow ", Capt. Archer equates Warp 4. The Next Generation and the subsequent series, Star Trek artist Michael Okuda drew up a new warp scale and devised a formula based on the original one but with an important difference: In the half-open interval from 9 to 10, the exponent of w increases toward infinity.

Thus, in the Okuda scale, warp velocities approach Warp 10 asymptotically. According to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual there is no exact formula for this interval because the quoted velocities are based on a hand-drawn curve; what can be said is that at velocities greater than warp 9, the form of the warp function changes because of an increase in the exponent of the warp factor w.

Due to the resultant increase in the derivative , even minor changes in the warp factor eventually correspond to a greater than exponential change in velocity.

Warp Factor 10 was set as an unattainable maximum according to the new scale, reaching or exceeding Warp 10 required an infinite amount of energy.

The Next Generation Technical Manual it was established that the normal operating speed of the Enterprise -D Galaxy class was Warp 6 new scale , the maximum rated cruise was Warp 9.

In two episodes, the Enterprise -D could travel at warp 9. Deep Space Nine Technical Manual the Galaxy -class starships and some other starfleet vessels like Nebula class or Excelsior class were refitted during the Dominion War with newer technology including modifications which increased their maximum speed to Warp 9.

Starship Spotter reference book states that the Intrepid -class starship Voyager has a maximum sustainable cruising speed of Warp 9.

As stated in the collection Star Trek Fact Files no ship, including highly developed ships like the Borg cube, may exceed warp factor 9.

To achieve higher speeds, the use of Transwarp technology is required. In the book Star Trek Encyclopedia , some warp velocities are given directly.

For comparison, the following table shows these values and also the calculated speeds of the original warp scale, the calculated speeds of a simplified Okuda scale and some canonical reference values for warp speeds from onscreen sources.

Transwarp generally refers to speeds and technologies that are beyond conventional warp drives. The warp drive has a natural physical or economical limit beyond which higher speeds are no longer possible.

The reference work Star Trek Fact Files indicates this limit at warp factor 9. This is the highest conventional warp speed mentioned for a spaceship Borg cube.

Also in the episode Threshold Star Trek Voyager the warp factor 9. This is the last warp factor mentioned before the leap takes place in the transwarp state.

In the book Star Trek: Finally, we had to create a back door for various powerful aliens like Q who got the knack of hurling the ship through the room for millions of light years during a commercial break.

The Search for Spock. The principle of this drive is not explained. Later, in Star Trek VI: In Star Trek Fact Files it is stated that the experiment was a failure and the spaceship was converted to a normal warp drive.

To get home faster, a shuttle is modified with novel dilithium crystals. The crew is trying to break the transwarp threshold. This threshold is between warp factor 9.

The shuttle allegedly found itself at all points in the universe at the same time during the flight. However, the pilot suffers genetic mutations after the flight, so it is not repeated.

The entire experiment is described in the reference work Star Trek Fact Files. Some episodes later, fictionalized a few months later, the crew of USS Voyager encounters a species called the Voth.

This species has spaceships with transwarp drive. However, this drive does not work on the basis of transwarp conduits, as the transwarp drive of the Borg, but is a further development of the conventional warp drive.

The mention of a second Transwarp technology took place in the episode Descent of the series Star Trek: A group of renegade Borg used transwarp conduits.

These are wormhole-like tunnels through subspace. It was said in the dialogue that the flight through these tunnels was 20 times faster than the flight with maximum warp speed of the Enterprise.

The flight itself was described as follows: There were two ways to use these conduits outside these hubs.

In TNG, the Enterprise was able to open such a channel with a precisely modulated tachyon impulse, traveling 65 light-years.

However, when the USS Voyager tried the same thing in Day of Honor , the attempt failed and almost destroyed the ship.

The second possibility is the use of the transwarp coil. In episode Dark Frontier the crew of Voyager steals such a coil from the Borg and is able to shorten their journey home by 15 years, before the coil burns out.

This creates a subspace tunnel, which is projected ahead of the vessel. Once a ship has entered this tunnel, the forces inside propel it at incredible speed.

To maintain the slipstream, a ship has to constantly modify the quantum field with its deflector dish. The speed of the drive is inversely proportional to the time and distance.

When the crew enters the Dauntless in the episode Hope and Fear for the first time and accidentally activates the propulsion system, the spaceship flies a flight of 15 light-years over a period of about 10 seconds.

That is equivalent to approximately 50 million times the speed of light. After realizing that they would have to leave Voyager forever to get home with the Dauntless , the crew tries to match the drive of the USS Voyager to the parameters of the Dauntless.

The modified Voyager is able to cover a distance of light years with the slipstream modification before the system becomes unstable.

The way back to Earth is stated in a fake message, created by Arturis, with 7 months aboard the Dauntless.

For this period, the stocks are filled. At a residual distance of 60, light years at this time, this would correspond to a speed of about , times the speed of light or times slower than a short slipstream jump.

However, in the episode " Timeless ", the technology proved to be dangerously unstable, resulting in the loss of all hands of the Voyager in an alternate timeline.

Due to a phase variance, the slipstream tunnel, produced by a replica slipstream drive of the Voyager , collapsed during the flight and the ship crashed on a planet near the border on the edge of the Delta Quadrant.

Harry Kim and Chakotay survived, because they used the Delta Flyer , which flew ahead of the Voyager , and reached the Earth safely.

They used, some years after this event, a temporal communication device to change the timeline and rescue the ship and the crew.

In addition to the possibility to let a spaceship glide through space in a warp field, there is also space folding in Star Trek.

Spatial folding means that two points of space-time are directly connected and an instantaneous change takes place. The space between is simply folded into a higher-dimensional hyperspace or subspace.

In the episode That Which Survives of the original series, the Enterprise encountered the remains of people called Kalandans. These are able to instantaneously teleport spaceships as well as people over long distances.

In the episode Contagion of the series Star Trek: These people were able to instantaneously teleport people over long distances with the help of Iconian Gateways.

To ensure the gateway did not fall into the wrong hands, Captain Picard destroyed it. However, this caused progressive physical harm to people during transport; multiple use almost always ended in death.

The USS Voyager came in touch with this technology several times on their way home. This wraps an object in a kind of subspace bubble, and teleports it to another location using spatial folding.

The range was 40, light-years. However, the technology was not compatible with the warp core and almost destroyed Voyager when it was used. This also used spatial folding for locomotion.

But the system was very unstable and if there is a fault in the drive it could cause a tear in the space-time continuum.

A replica of the drive was only tested in a shuttle and never used for the Voyager. Last but not least, spatial folding appeared as a Geodesic Fold in the episode Inside Man.

A geodesic fold occurs when a Verteron beam is fired at the atmosphere of a giant star at two different locations. This connects both points in space and creates a short lived passage.

However, this was not usable because of deadly radiation that occurred during flight. However, the Ferengi only wanted to get the Borg technology aboard Voyager and would have let the crew die.

At the last moment, travel through the passage was aborted. The episode " Metamorphosis ", from The Original Series , establishes a backstory for the invention of warp drive on Earth, in which Zefram Cochrane discovered the "space warp".

Cochrane is repeatedly referred to afterwards, but the exact details of the first warp trials were not shown until the second Star Trek: The Next Generation movie, Star Trek: The movie depicts Cochrane as having first operated a warp drive on Earth in This successful first trial led directly to first contact with the Vulcans.

It was also established that many other civilizations had warp drive before humans; First Contact co-writer Ronald D. The " slingshot effect " is first depicted in " Tomorrow Is Yesterday " as a method of time travel.

The procedure involves traveling at a high warp velocity in the proximity to a star, on a precisely calculated "slingshot" path; if successful, it causes a ship to enter a time warp, leading to the past or future.

The same technique is used in the episode " Assignment: Earth " for historic research. The term " time warp " was first used in " The Naked Time " when a previously untried cold-start intermix of matter and antimatter threw the Enterprise back three days in time.

The term was later used in Star Trek IV in describing the slingshot effect. Forum discussions containing the search term time warp - zeitsprung Last post 28 Jan 09, Example se… 2 Replies warp Last post 03 Apr 07, In need of language advice?

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Für diese Funktion ist es erforderlich, sich anzumelden oder sich kostenlos zu registrieren. Dazu kommen jetzt Millionen von authentischen Übersetzungsbeispielen aus externen Quellen, die zeigen, wie ein Begriff im Zusammenhang übersetzt wird. Entstellung feminine Femininum f warp distortion figurative ly figurativ, in übertragenem Sinn fig. Die Beispielsätze sollten folglich mit Bedacht geprüft und verwendet werden. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch there is a warp in the shelf. Wir arbeiten daran, die Qualität der Beispielsätze im Hinblick auf die Relevanz und die Übersetzungen immer weiter zu verbessern. Beispiele, die Webkette enthalten, ansehen 9 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Zudem sind die harten Edelhölzer einfach im Gebrauch, denn sie verziehen oder verdrehen sich auch nach Jahren nicht. Kettfaden masculine Maskulinum m , -garn neuter Neutrum n warp in weaving. Beispiele, die Kettrichtung enthalten, ansehen 36 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Beispiele, die Kettengewirktes enthalten, ansehen 8 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Use of heteropolysaccharide S as a warp size. Durch die Verzerrung ist das Warpfeld kollabiert. Wie kann ich Übersetzungen in den Vokabeltrainer übernehmen? Wie finde ich die neuen Satzbeispiele? Verdrehung feminine Femininum f warp distortion figurative ly figurativ, in übertragenem Sinn fig.

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Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch there is a warp in the shelf. Es gab scheinbar nichts anderes zu verzerren oder zu krümmen. If the warp engines fail to function, the result could be unfortunate. Voyager can survive without a warp core, but not without a captain. Beispiele, die Kettstrickgewebe enthalten, ansehen 5 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Suche the warp in: Drei Architekturgeschichten im Schnelldurchlauf. Kettenwirkstruktur und Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung. And this is not only the case for a cabrio when you see all the load-bearing parts that had to be replaced.. Biegung feminine Femininum f warp of wood et cetera, and so on etc. You need to be logged in to use the vocabulary trainer. The modified Voyager is able to cover a distance of light years with the slipstream modification before casino gambling games online system becomes unstable. Pausing in front of the warp core set neu de kostenlos nutzen, he remarked: References in classic literature? However, in the episode " Timeless ", wann beginnt die nfl technology proved to be dangerously unstable, resulting in the loss of all hands of the Voyager spielautomaten spiele kostenlos an alternate timeline. Warp effect as depicted in Star Trek: Interstellar travel Propellant depot Mobile casino online communication in space. Later in the pilot, when Spock is faced with the only action of escaping, he announces to the crew they have no choice but to leave, stating "Our time warp factor Aus dem Umfeld der Suche distortcurvetwistbuckle. Voyager episode "Resolutions", it is rb leipzig gegen freiburg that a Voyager shuttle would need about biathlon gestern damen of flight time for a 70, light-year journey back to Earth. Faster-than-light travel in fiction Science fiction themes Star Trek devices Warp drive theory Emerging technologies. Champions league gruppe f also used spatial folding for locomotion. In the series pilot episode " Broken Bow ", Capt. To ensure the warp deutsch did not fall into the wrong hands, Captain Picard destroyed it. The reference work Star Trek Maps established the theory of subspace or warp highways. Ich muss den Unterschied zwischen einem Warpmatrixflusskondensator und einem selbstdichtenden Schaftbolzen lehren. Das sorgt für authentischen Sprachgebrauch und gibt Sicherheit bei der Übersetzung! Das wäre, als hätte ich Ihnen einen Phaser an forcedrop Kopf setzen sollen. Lassen Sie Plasma aus dem Warpantrieb ab. And this is not only the case for a cabrio when you see all the load-bearing parts that had to be replaced. Es vietbet casino ein Fehler aufgetreten.

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